How to Pick the Right Immigration Consultant in Dubai

With the recent influx of foreign nationals, the United Arab Emirates has seen an amazing influx of wealth and foreign investors. There are many people who have now grown to like their work environment in Dubai and many of them decide to take full advantage of the situation and get a second passport. To do this you need to hire an immigration consultant. However, just asking around for one is not going to be enough, so here are the three top tips to find the best immigration consultant in Dubai.

Online Portfolio

The first thing you should be looking for is an online portfolio. It is very easy to make an online website, and most consultants will have one, but creating a portfolio requires hard work, and it is a sure sign of someone who has been through the toughs tuff. An important aspect of this is the section of past dealings. So once you have started your search you should always make sure that you read through the portfolio and look at the past work experience of the person whom you are going to contact.

LinkedIn Profile

The second thing to keep in mind when looking for an immigration consultant is to make sure that you look at his LinkedIn profile. Linkedin is one of the biggest networks of professionals around and one of the most reliable. Be sure to look through the endorsements that appear on his page. These are the people who have either worked this person, or they know that he is good at his job. So if you look through the LinkedIn profile, you will not only get to read his CV but you will also find out what other people this person has worked with.

Stay Wary of Scams

As Dubai is one of the best second passport countries in the world, there are many scams. So when you are looking for an immigration consultant make sure that you browse the websites that track scams. If you find the name of the person, therefore, you are hiring on any of these websites, stay away from them.

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