Preparing Your Work Site From Storm Damage

Building construction sites are susceptible to damage due to weather changes. During summer, these work sites experience extreme heat, with the equipment and workers exposed directly to the sun. Same goes when a storm hits the location. Without proper preparation, sites can get slippery and dangerous.

A proper mitigation plan and predetermined emergency strategy can help in securing the site during the rain and storm season:

  • Make a guideline for this eventuality


Storm and rain can come unexpectedly, but site managers should always have an existing operational guideline on how to operate in such conditions. These guidelines should contain the step-by-step process on how workers will act – from operating during high winds to what PPE gear they should be wearing in such eventuality. All steps and procedures should be stated in a specific but simple manner. Most guidelines list the complete rain gear that the workers should don as well as the coverall suppliers in UAE that the construction company is connected to.

  • Control the crowd


As mentioned, construction sites can get dangerous during the rainy season. To prevent accidents and other work-related injuries, it would be best to limit the access to the site. A crowd control plan should be implemented on all storm signals. For slippery zones, it would be best to advise the workers to take caution when entering the site. The site managers also need to ensure that the public is safe from the site during a storm. Putting visible traffic cones in Dubai can help warn people and vehicles from passing on street lanes that are near the construction site.

  • Secure the equipment


Like the site, construction equipment and gear are also prone to damage and breakdown during a storm. When a storm signal is declared, be sure to secure the all the equipment and put them in a storage place where they will stay clean and dry. For large equipment, consult with the supplier or read the manual to determine how to protect them from moist and rain.


  • Order work stoppage if necessary


If a big storm is coming, it would be best to declare work stoppage to ensure the safety and well-being of the workers. Working during tough and extreme conditions such as a storm can put the workers at risk, even though they are wearing protective gear.


  • Inspect the site before resuming work


Checking the site after a storm would ensure that it is secure and free from danger, especially for the worker. Do not resume work until the site inspection is done. Make sure that all areas are clear and free of debris.

Benefits of serviced offices

UAE is a business hub where international and local business community looks to establish their business. The concept of service offices has evolved as the business specific activities have increased in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The business personnel prefer to acquire serviced offices in Abu Dhabi as they offer a chance to start a business instantly. Usually a business person thinks about a unique business idea and wants to start working on it immediately after devising a workable strategy. The choice of selecting a serviced office may cost in the beginning but this will become a source to add value to the started business. This will save the cost of buying furniture and other general essential goods for the office.


The potential business persons from Dubai can use search terms such as “serviced offices in Dubai” on the internet to find nearby vacant offices. Dubai’s business community can avail the online business development options for attaining an adequate serviced office facility. The real estate agencies put adds and classifieds for the landlords offering serviced offices for the convenience of potential business companies. Businesses such as shipping companies, human resource agencies and contracting companies can entertain the serviced office facilities for simple business oriented solutions. In Dubai usually real estate advisors and agencies broker the attainment and dealing of the serviced offices. The broker agencies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer various packages to the potential business companies who show interest in acquiring the serviced offices at desired locations. Most common packages related to the serviced offices are rental and lease options. The pricing for the serviced office suites include the conventional rent plus the charges against the furnishing of the office environment.


The serviced offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi normally suits to the companies such as startups, entrepreneurs and project based organizations. Some of the facility managers and landlords offer dedicated services of a front end task handler or a receptionist. Apart from the reception or front task administrator the facility managers usually offer general administrative support; IT based infrastructure and internet facility. The facilities may be extended to conference rooms, heating & air conditioning systems and physical security features. Some of the additional facilities offered in the serviced offices as compared to non-serviced offices include:


  1. They allow saving startup costs
  2. They offer an immediate business starting opportunity
  3. No need to worry about miscellaneous costs.


How to Pick the Right Immigration Consultant in Dubai

With the recent influx of foreign nationals, the United Arab Emirates has seen an amazing influx of wealth and foreign investors. There are many people who have now grown to like their work environment in Dubai and many of them decide to take full advantage of the situation and get a second passport. To do this you need to hire an immigration consultant. However, just asking around for one is not going to be enough, so here are the three top tips to find the best immigration consultant in Dubai.

Online Portfolio

The first thing you should be looking for is an online portfolio. It is very easy to make an online website, and most consultants will have one, but creating a portfolio requires hard work, and it is a sure sign of someone who has been through the toughs tuff. An important aspect of this is the section of past dealings. So once you have started your search you should always make sure that you read through the portfolio and look at the past work experience of the person whom you are going to contact.

LinkedIn Profile

The second thing to keep in mind when looking for an immigration consultant is to make sure that you look at his LinkedIn profile. Linkedin is one of the biggest networks of professionals around and one of the most reliable. Be sure to look through the endorsements that appear on his page. These are the people who have either worked this person, or they know that he is good at his job. So if you look through the LinkedIn profile, you will not only get to read his CV but you will also find out what other people this person has worked with.

Stay Wary of Scams

As Dubai is one of the best second passport countries in the world, there are many scams. So when you are looking for an immigration consultant make sure that you browse the websites that track scams. If you find the name of the person, therefore, you are hiring on any of these websites, stay away from them.