Anxiety – One of the leading causes of insomnia and ADHD!

Anxiety is a fairly common problem that a majority of people these days are suffering from. Various thoughts that are extremely negative in nature take over the mind and do not let it relax and ease out. Particularly when you lie down to sleep, these thoughts pop up into your mind, making it next to impossible for you to sleep. If this holds true for you, then you suffer from anxiety related insomnia.

The association between anxiety, ADHD in Dubai and sleeplessness has been established through scientific research. A person suffering from one of these problems would in most cases be afflicted by the other. Anxiety makes your brain more active and as a result, you lose your sleep. The next day, you end up feeling tired, lethargic with a lack of concentration. On a long-term basis, this condition can have dire effects over your health!

Insomnia problems that are caused due to anxiety can be categorized as either Transient, Chronic Insomnia or Short-term Insomnia. Transient insomnia is basically related to situational anxiety and stress. For example, if you have a huge exam coming up or a career changing presentation to deliver, the anxiety that you feel gives you trouble when trying to sleep. On the other hand, short term insomnia is a condition which lasts for not more than six months. This is associated with environmental and social factors such as a loved one’s death or illness.

Lastly, there comes chronic insomnia in which the cause remains unknown and psychological or medical help needs to be taken to figure out what really triggered the sleeplessness.   This condition lasts for a very long time and the patient needs to be given insomnia treatment to cure the problem. The stages of insomnia range in between short term to long term, however, no matter what the intensification of the problem is, it needs to be treated!

The worst part about anxiety related insomnia is that it can trigger the anxiety even more, thereby causing further problems. Not being able to fall asleep is a very frustrating state and it can complicate things far more than you can think of! With all the frustration and stress piled up, the body begins to suffer and a number of health issues take place.

When a person keeps thinking about a specific event and begins dwelling on it throughout the day, the mind goes into over drive and begins racing so fast over things that could have been done, things that you will do etc. that sleeping becomes impossible. Nothing has the power to stop you from sleeping as much as thinking and perhaps over thinking! So, try to relax, don’t put your mind to things that are not in your control and let your body relax for a while or else you just might end up getting sick.

The treatment of insomnia, even anxiety related is extremely important. Both of these conditions when combined together can lead you to having panic disorder and the likes. There are a number of insomnia treatments out there and the best part is that there are quite a few natural insomnia remedies as well. Read more, look into them and cure your condition!