Benefits of serviced offices

UAE is a business hub where international and local business community looks to establish their business. The concept of service offices has evolved as the business specific activities have increased in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The business personnel prefer to acquire serviced offices in Abu Dhabi as they offer a chance to start a business instantly. Usually a business person thinks about a unique business idea and wants to start working on it immediately after devising a workable strategy. The choice of selecting a serviced office may cost in the beginning but this will become a source to add value to the started business. This will save the cost of buying furniture and other general essential goods for the office.


The potential business persons from Dubai can use search terms such as “serviced offices in Dubai” on the internet to find nearby vacant offices. Dubai’s business community can avail the online business development options for attaining an adequate serviced office facility. The real estate agencies put adds and classifieds for the landlords offering serviced offices for the convenience of potential business companies. Businesses such as shipping companies, human resource agencies and contracting companies can entertain the serviced office facilities for simple business oriented solutions. In Dubai usually real estate advisors and agencies broker the attainment and dealing of the serviced offices. The broker agencies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer various packages to the potential business companies who show interest in acquiring the serviced offices at desired locations. Most common packages related to the serviced offices are rental and lease options. The pricing for the serviced office suites include the conventional rent plus the charges against the furnishing of the office environment.


The serviced offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi normally suits to the companies such as startups, entrepreneurs and project based organizations. Some of the facility managers and landlords offer dedicated services of a front end task handler or a receptionist. Apart from the reception or front task administrator the facility managers usually offer general administrative support; IT based infrastructure and internet facility. The facilities may be extended to conference rooms, heating & air conditioning systems and physical security features. Some of the additional facilities offered in the serviced offices as compared to non-serviced offices include:


  1. They allow saving startup costs
  2. They offer an immediate business starting opportunity
  3. No need to worry about miscellaneous costs.


Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Every business owner performs several different tasks in the company which also include bookkeeping and accounting. There are several companies that provide accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai. There are several chartered accountant companies in Dubai that provide accounting and bookkeeping services to their clients. The underlying company provides professional and qualified chartered accountants to different companies that maintain the accounts of different companies and also take care of the books of accounts. This process will help the company to successfully run the business and also generate more profits.


Such companies are known to provide several services to businesses all over Dubai, which include:

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Bookkeeping for account payable and receivable
  • Maintain the purchase and sales ledger
  • Maintain cash books for the company
  • Maintenance of fixed assets


  • The company maintains the books of accounts of different companies.
  • Gather the accounts of the company and also enter the value into the system of the company.
  • Reconcile the revenue of the company with the bank deposit.
  • Such a company also prepares the bank reconciliation statement for different companies.
  • The underlying company also provides MIS report to the companies on monthly basis. The company also provides the actual figures to the companies and delivers explanations.

Financial Accounting and Reporting

  • The underlying company prepares the financial statements for different companies that are used for the audit purpose.
  • The company also uses different accounting software and implements the best software in the company. The implementation of the software helps the company to keep all the record of the data.
  • Such a firm also provides customize management report that helps to fulfil the specific needs of the company.
  • Prepare budgets for the companies.

VAT advisory in Dubai holds a lot of importance. The companies that offer these services also provide knowledge to their clients with regards to the ins and outs of legislation. Such firms typically tend to have a team of auditors, tax specialists and accountants that create a smart strategy for the companies. There are several requirements for VAT compliance, such as the companies must have a filing procedure and proper documentation. Bookkeeping and accounting companies have a team of tax specialists that helps in value-added tax of different companies in UAE. If any company follows the proper compliance procedures, there is no need at all for thm to worry about penalties.

Importance of Registering Your Company Trademark

Business owners are quite keen on having a unique company name and logo. These branding tools are what helps them stand out from the rest. But having a unique name is not enough. You need to know how to register a trademark in UAE so you can fully own your company and logo.

If you are not keen on registering your company’s trademark, these reasons might convince you to change your mind:

  • Solidify your brand


Your brand is your company’s selling proposition, and that includes your trademarks (e.g. logo, company name, anything that is related to your company), it will be easier for you to solidify your branding and create a solid foundation for company representation. And we all know that a concrete branding is what will set you apart from your competition.


  • Prevent other companies from using the same name


In the field of business, being known is everything. With just a single phrase, people should be able to recognize you. But if another entity have the same name as yours, this might spell confusion on both parties. To prevent this scenario from happening, you need to register your company trademark upon launching your business. This would give your company solid brand protection and prevent others from using them. It can also prevent authorized parties from using your company name without your permission.


  • Give your company a sense of authenticity


Investors and customers are always looking for way to determine whether a company is legit or not. And for good reason. They need to ensure that the company that they are dealing with can give them guarantees in any transactions. Having your business trademark registered will give your company an stamp of authenticity and legitimacy. Copyright organizations are quite strict with their requirements and look into the business papers thoroughly before giving their seal of approval to companies applying for trademark license.


  • Enhance your recruitment chances


Candidates, like customers, are also looking for legit companies that they will deal with. Aside from looking on the legitimacy and compensation packages, candidate find companies with registered trademark a reputable one. Your recruitment team can benefit from this license as they can source qualified candidates that are very much open to working with your company.


  • Increase company value


Company value does not only speak of the financial standing, but the reputation as well. Managers and business owners are always on their toes just to uphold their reputation. One thing that can help maintain the company’s reputation is having your company trademark your own.

Go to to know more about trademark registration.

Tax consultancy companies can help you keep an eye on your finances

Anyone who handles money, be it a weekly allowance, one’s salary, a company’s finances or even a home budget and cares about making the funds they have go further understands the need to keep financial records. There are many ways to do this reliably, such as using paper and pen, keeping documents in files and folders, feeding the data into a spread sheet or text files in a computer and many others. The most obvious drawback is the time needed to do all the above and to be able to retrieve the data you need when you need it. Using a tax tracker application by a tax consultancy company Abu Dhabi is both a wise investment and a money saver since you can easily determine if you deserve a tax deduction or which expenses can be reduce or done away with entirely to save money and it goes a long way in saving your time and stomach lining. No more haranguing your spouse or house help and going over all your clothes’ pocket for the third time searching for lost receipts when you most need them

One of the reasons most people do not actually follow through when it comes to keeping track of their expenses even when they know they should is that, for most people other than those who love paying attention to detail and those who actually love doing it , accounting is a bit boring, tedious and/or hard work. The problem is confounded if others say you are disorganized or you believe there is an order to your chaos: tracking down receipts for tax deductible purchases that you made four months ago or that charitable contribution whose receipt you cannot track is not anyone’s idea of time well spent. In fact, it is a waste of time that could be spent being with people and doing things you love. This makes the use of a tax tracker application paramount for the financially savvy.

The good news is, with the use of an inexpensive tax tracker application such, not only will you be less frustrated come tax time thus be less likely to commit costly mistakes, you now have a backup of those all-important tax papers and expense receipts in form of pictures in your tax application in case the original gets damaged and you need to show you qualify for a tax deduction or are making claims for business related expenses incurred in the course of doing your job. Read more to acquire further information.

Tax tracker applications are usually very inexpensive, which makes them well worth the investment. With the help of these applications, you can divide your expenses into different categories as you see fit such as home, business and if you are a travelling business person, transport and dinner expenses claims. These basically make it possible for one to easily enter their tax and expenses data and take photographs of the original paperwork for both ease of retrieval and as a backup of the same. This information is automatically used to generate a spread sheet that can be emailed to you.

Hiring an Outsourced Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The question arises for organizations as to whether hiring a 3rd party Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for their organization maybe a good decision or not. In todays’ era, small businesses are faced with unique challenges that were non-existent previously. For example; the global financial crunch of fiscal year 2008 and 2009 created a catastrophic event in the market.

During circumstances like these, small businesses are very prone to suffer from the financial crisis since they heavily rely on leadership skills and creativity. These small businesses are struggling not just to stay in the market, but to manage some earnings out of their ventures. One of the prevailing ideas in the growing sector, is the idea of acquiring financial services from qualified professionals like a VAT consultant in Dubai, for cost-cutting and to seek efficient financial advice.

The outsourcing of financial services has been used by Fortune 1000 companies since a very long time to manage the operational costs of the department. We have been through stories where outsourcing has been helpful for many companies and fatal for the others. This has also been discussed by Thomas Friedman in his book, The World is Flat, a Brief History of the Twenty-First Century. he discusses that the technological advancements have benefitted companies at large where they have outsourced almost all their operations to low cost and budget effective countries. Examples of this may go up to call centers, IT operations, HR management and as far as total accounts management half-way across the globe. Many times, the employees on payroll risk their jobs to the contractual positions which serve better and for lower costs to the company.

After a proven success record from the Fortune 1000 companies, has the time really come for smaller-sized companies to outsource their financial operations? For this, we need to evaluate all possible solutions for outsourcing for small and medium companies. We can start off with the IT department of a company which is not needed full-time at the company head office, since they can only be contacted when needed. To cut down on costs, it is now easily possible for IT staff to be hired on an hourly basis through 3rd party providers. Next, we can move to the Human Resources department. Their need arises when hiring, firing and during appraisals time. Therefore, keeping a human resource department throughout the year would hurt the company’s financial and operational performance, whereas outsourcing can help a great deal. Click here for more information in this regard.


All you need to know about BIM

This is the time for uncanny stuff, mundane ones are already taken! You are quite aware of it, business keep looking for new things to attract the customers. Similar is the case with the construction industry. Construction industry keeps on looking for new way to hitch the attention of the clients.

The construction industry keeps on coming with the new methods to utilize technology in a faster and better way, in ways that are pocket friendly. BIM or building information modeling is another victory in the field of construction. It is the most innovative and exciting method which has beaten the mainstream methods which were being used from past several years. BIM in Melbourne is very common. It is being used by everyone who belongs to the construction business. In the coming years this innovation will set it foot prints and will be used worldwide.

Basically, building information modeling gives you the access to develop virtual simulations for designing, planning and construction. Building information modeling gives you 3D graphics, cost models and time models and it is amazingly replacing the conventional method of 2D planning.

What is it?

BIM is on the edge of changing the current scenario. Basically, the whole process begins with the survey of site. To capture the detailed data across the surface points, 3D laser scanning is done. Now the gathered data goes into the point clouds and it starts the image modeling process. Then the 3D simulators give you a complete virtual representation of the building and the area surrounded by.

Benefits of Building Information Modeling

If you ask construction project managers they will tell you how beneficial this technology is. The BIM technology reduces the cost and you face less project disruption. When there is less disruption the productivity rate gets increased and when the productivity rate increases, the projects get completed faster. The return on investment gets increased and the most important thing is that you customer satisfaction ration increases which is surely your ultimate goal.

The VDC consulting goes hand in hand here. If you identify the problem at early stage, it helps you from trouble. BIM makes it so easier for you to identify and fix the problems at the early stage before you start with the construction thing. Virtual modeling is surely a big treat to mankind! It gives you precise planning and there are no such errors.

Preparing your document for Translation

Having your document translated is not as easy as you think it might be. Contrary to the usual belief, you don’t simply email or send your document to the translation company and wait for them to get the job done. There are preparation and groundwork that needs to be done before you give them the document.


Certified translation Dubai companies are very keen on knowing what the clients wants and needs. Even before starting the project, they asked their clients some questions and clarify the terms and conditions so both parties are aligned. As a client, it is also our responsibility to make some preps before signing to a translation service. Here are the preps that you need to do:


  1. Review your document

Review the manuscript or the document first. Take time to read the document to be translated and understand the context behind the words. The reason behind this step is for you to comprehend what the document is for, especially if it is a contract or a legal document. So once the translated version is sent to you, you can review this with your provider and see if your understanding of the translated one is the same as the original one.


  1. Identify the specs and scope

After reviewing the document, the next step would be is to identify the scope and specs. Ask yourself these questions: What languages the document would be translated to? How long the document is? Will the document be translated in whole or there are just specific parts that need to be translated. Once the specs and scope are clear, it is easy for both parties to get the job done.


  1. Create a brief

The brief is essential, especially if this is a legal document. Legal translation services in Dubai would always ask their clients to fill up a brief so the translator would know what he would be working. It would not hurt to create your own as well. You can include the summary of the document, what languages it will be translated, the word count, the number of pages, and other instructions you may have.


  1. Read the terms and inclusions

Once you set the brief to the translation company, you can know ask a quote. They would normally provide the scope and the price range as well as the terms and conditions of the project. Read it thoroughly and check if there are certain stipulations that you are not comfortable. Discuss this with your provider and align. Once everything is clear on both parties, the project can now commence.

6 Advantages of Temporary Construction Fencing

Installing a temporary fence in a construction area is highly beneficial for a company and their personnel in numerous ways. A high-quality construction fence can help withstand bad weather that’s why it is ideal to get it from a fencing provider rather than build it on your own. Here are some other advantages of installing a temporary construction fence.


  1. It helps increase the level of security in the area.

Installing fences can help increase the level of security on a construction site. For instance, it would be harder for a thief or an offender to escape in an enclosed area. Therefore, construction fencing in Dubai could help prevent any kind of criminal case on site.


  1. It is perfect for controlling unauthorized entries.

Temporary construction fencing can help prevent unauthorized people from entering the construction premises. It is also perfect for crowd control, especially if the site is located near a commercial area, a mall, a hospital, a university, or other areas with high foot traffic. Always keep in mind that having too many people on a construction site is not ideal because it is prone to damages and casualties. Such damages could cause unexpected expenses to the company, so might as well prevent them.


  1. It is budget-friendly.

Installing temporary construction fences is way much cheaper than having permanent fences and walls. Temporary construction fences are also easy to order, and can be used for other construction sites.


  1. It tickles your target customers’ curiosity

Having some barriers promotes boundaries. And whether we admit it or not, many people get more curious with places that are considered “off-limits.” These curious heads are your future clients and customers. Hang a few signboards on the fences and you’ll get additional promotional benefits – hitting two birds in a set of fences.


  1. It is easy to use.

High-quality temporary construction fences are strong but are usually portable. You can easily fold them for fast transport. They are also easy to install and remove. They are flexible and can be used for various purposes – not just in construction sites. You can use them for open ground events, assemblies, and other purposes.


  1. It is easy to order.


Another good thing about a temporary construction fence is many companies offer it. In Dubai, you can surely find it in construction and advertising companies such as Professional Neon.


Aside from fencing, Professional Neon also offers hoarding services, signboards, exhibition stands, display stands, and many other promotional items. Kindly check our website for more information.

The benefits of accounting firms

Accounting allows entrepreneurs to keep an eye on their financial activities and stay better structured with numerous bookkeeping transactions There are countless accounting firms could provide small or big businesses with expert help on these matters.

When a business is just starting out, there is a dire need for it to keep an eye on its finances and financial standing. However, the hustle and bustle of starting out fresh may not allow that. In such a case, it is best for them to take on the services offered by a professional accounting and audit firms in Dubai airport free zone. A business that is just starting out should also have proper documentation of financial transactions which are done regularly, such as pay-roll and invoicing. All of this can also be handled by an accounting and audit firm.

To be honest, businesses of all sizes can benefit from the countless services that such firms have to offer. Larger scale firms have a lot to pay attention to, so it is best for them to hire an audit firm so that their finances remain in check by thorough professionals. The operations of a larger firm are rather extensive and there is a lot that needs to be managed. In this case, acquiring support from authorized professionals would be a beneficial step to take.

With more and more transactions and financial transactions involved in large scale firms, support on managing everyday financial dealing and processes at multiple levels becomes a necessity. While some would have their own internal department to deal with these aspects, others would prefer choosing an individual service agency as a means of decreasing certain costs.

If truth be told, every other day we find ourselves relying more and more on computerized functions. This is because it helps reduce cost and the number of employees required in a business. It is for this reason that apart from offering expert support on bookkeeping and the financial and accounting aspect of your company, you will find a number of accounting firms that use the latest software to help you keep a tab on everyday expenses and transactions on your own as well. The best part is that some of these companies may even help you out with auditing firms in dubai silicon oasis.

All in all, there are countless benefits that you can reap by taking on the services offered by some of the best auditing firms in Dubai. Look into this option so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Setting up a business in Dubai

In all of the UAE, Dubai happens to be the first emirate that has opened its market to foreign ownership. However, the fact remains that the government has established a completely different set of regulations that apply on foreign investors.  In most cases, procedures happen to be rather fast-tracked. If you are interested in establishing your business in Dubai, then here are a few tips that you should keep in mind:


Company registration

Before working on your RAK free zone business setup, it is necessary for you to look for a reliable legal services team. Believe it or not, but doing so is definitely going to save you from a lot of hassle in terms of paper work. Apart from that, the team will also help you acquire in-depth details about local values and traditions that will definitely play a role in your success. With that, your company will be registered through the Department of Economic Development (DED). But before that, you will have to acquire preliminary approvals from the Licensing Section. You will also have to acquire membership registration from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI).


Legal requirements with regards to business partners

If truth be told, legal requirements in Dubai are rather strict when it comes to having a business partner. In case you set up your business outside the free zone, it is required by law that you do so in partnership with a local. However, the catch here is that the local partner will hold the majority interest in the business, which means he will own 51% share in it. What you need to bear in mind here is that the local partner will have majority interest in the business irrespective of whether he actually makes a financial investment or not. However, if you want to have complete ownership of your business, then it is best for you to establish it in one of the free zones.


Having a local sponsor is basically another requirement set by the Dubai Economic Department (DED). If truth be told, this is one of the most basic issues that you will have to deal with if you plan on establishing your business in Dubai. The sponsor will manage all the legalities and help you out with aspects like finalizing legal documents, filling up application forms and planning etc. Go to website for more information in this regard.


There is nothing more fulfilling than having your own business. If you are interested in establishing a business in Dubai, you definitely chose the right place. Dubai is the commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates. You can be certain that you can access 1.5 Billion markets in CIS countries, Africa, Eastern Europe, other countries in the Middle East, and West Asia.

People are flocking toward Qatar and Dubai because of job opportunities and good economy. This gives you more reason to invest and start a venture in Dubai. Remember… even if you are in Dubai and you have the capital, if you lack the passion, guts, and initiative, you will never succeed in your business. Here are some of the projected small business opportunities you should consider this year:

  • Offering financial services. Auditors, accountants, and bookkeepers are in demand in Dubai and the rest of UAE because of many growing businesses. If you have training and knowledge in any of these fields, you will gain a lot of revenue.
  • Infrastructure. Each day, many structures are being designed and erected in the United Arab Emirates. This opens doors for various professionals in the construction field. Investors can also start businesses that produce and/or sell different raw materials used for building.
  • Gas and oil. These have been rooted in UAE’s economy for many years. The riches attributed to them are enjoyed by the country presently. The oil sector in UAE is still open to new entrepreneurs who would like to invest. If you are one of them, you can partner with existing oil businesses or just start from scratch.
  • Healthcare services. People in Dubai and the rest of UAE are health conscious and are very concerned about their health. Because of this, the demand for healthcare professionals has increased. Get involved in this business if you are a healthcare professional who wants to engage in a private healthcare service business.
  • Snacks and other food items. Food is always in demand. Everyone loves to eat, so if you start a food-related business, you will profit from it quickly.
  • Security services. When people have assets, they need to make sure that these assets are safe and secure. They cannot take chances, that is why there is a high demand for security devices and security guards. You can also provide security surveillance cameras or alarm systems.
  • Transportation. You can also try providing transportation services in UAE. There is always a demand for bringing people from point A to point B. Starting a local company that provides trans-city transport services or a local taxi service.
  • Environment care services. The environment is of great value in Dubai. Many activities there, such as construction, bring about damage to the environment. The citizens there engage in green living efforts, such as recycling. You should explore possibilities for you in this field, if you are passionate about helping the environment.
  • Tourism services. Dubai is a famous destination for vacationers and tourists. That is why many five-star hotels are established in the city. Annually, the UAE hosts thousands of visitors and this is the perfect opportunity to open tourism-related businesses there.

Consider these lucrative business opportunities if you want a profitable shift in your career. Dubai is a place of growth and advancement. Surely you can enjoy making money in taking part in its evolution as it makes its mark on the future.