Firefighting Equipment – Should You Invest In Them?

Take a leaf out of history and you will understand why fire remains one of the worst threats to human life and property. Time and again, we have seen fire causing destruction of epic proportions in many parts of the world. If one goes by historic records, fire has caused more damage to life than natural disasters, though the ratio has changed a little in the last few decades. Even to this day, fire remains the single most threatening phenomenon to life. You may find different people finding different reasons for fire eruption. Common reasons like human error, failure of equipment or low quality firefighting equipment do occur.

In fact, human error and equipment failure are truly two more common reasons for fire eruption. Despite that, regardless of these reasons, your firefighting equipment should be able to handle the fire. Suffice to say that you have all the more reasons to invest in quality firefighting equipment. Now that it is decided that human errors cannot be ruled out as the most common reason for fire eruption, it is time to take care of the second reason – the failure of equipment. Here is more on why you should look for fire extinguisher suppliers in UAE:

Fire Extinguishers Matter

If you have a quality fire extinguisher installed in your place, chances are that it will control most fire eruptions well before they could expand. There is a reason to it, and understanding your fire extinguisher is very important so pay attention. The moment a fire erupts and smoke begins to rise, it reaches to the fire alarms located at different spots across the premises. A fast fire extinguisher will come into action within seconds and will negate the effects of fire. Keep in mind that the chemical stored inside the extinguisher as well as the time it took to come into action matter a lot.

The faster it reacts, the less the damage will be. In fact, some fire extinguishers are so efficient that they come into action within milliseconds once the fire has broken out. In the second phase, the extinguisher will start releasing the chemical at a high pressure. The extinguisher will continue to spray the chemical at the spot where fire erupted until it runs out of it. Naturally, the faster the chemical is sprayed, the more chances that the fire is controlled.

Try this and you will understand why you should invest in quality fire extinguishers.  They are the real deal and will provide protection to your premises and family.

Tips on Creating Promotional Materials For The Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, businesses are cramming to create and print their promotional materials for the customers. It is the time of the year when people are willing to shell out more money for gift-giving and Holiday prep. Businesses would like to take advantage of that trend so they can promote their services and increase their sales.

Which is why having their marketing collaterals printed and distributed is a must. For those who are a little late in the game, you still have time to create your promotional materials. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Create a new layout


If you have been using the same flyer design in Dubai for years, it might be the perfect time to change it up. You need to remember that target audiences are conscious with the trend and the season, so it would be best to follow their lead. Get a graphic artist to create a new layout for your Holiday promos. And refrain from using the same brochure and flyer design. Target audience’s taste changes over time, so you need to be cautious with that and when using your promotional materials for marketing.

  • Peppered with Holiday designs


Since it is a Holiday, you need to go with the season. Your target audience will likely get attracted to designs that are related to the season. So when designing a promotional collateral, give it a touch of Holidays. But be sure not to lose the branding in the process. Despite the Holiday elements, the branding should still stand out from the material. Be sure to remind your graphic artist about this.


  • Highlight your offers


Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the offer. Your target audience should be able to see what you are offering at first glance. Attractive offers are what drive people to come to your store and subscribe to your services or purchase your product. If you are offering some form of discount or freebies, be sure that it is clearly stated on your marketing collaterals.


  • Print using the right material


A good design will be put into waste if it is printed in a wrong material. Be sure to consult with a trusted company that offers top notch brochure printing in Dubai. Show them your design and ask what would be the best material for your design. Ask for a couple of options in terms of materials. If possible, do a test run just to check if the quality is what you are expecting.