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Everyone knows the secret to a longer healthy life is to adopt healthy habits whether for eating, sleeping, or being active. A healthy body ensures you stay away from many diseases and health issues that

Preparing Your Work Site From Storm Damage

Building construction sites are susceptible to damage due to weather changes. During summer, these work sites experience extreme heat, with the equipment and workers exposed directly to the sun. Same goes when a storm hits the location. Without proper preparation, sites can get slippery and dangerous.

A proper mitigation plan and predetermined emergency strategy can help in securing the site during the rain and storm season:

  • Make a guideline for this eventuality


Storm and rain can come unexpectedly, but site managers should always have an existing operational guideline on how to operate in such conditions. These guidelines should contain the step-by-step process on how workers will act – from operating during high winds to what PPE gear they should be wearing in such eventuality. All steps and procedures should be stated in a specific but simple manner. Most guidelines list the complete rain gear that the workers should don as well as the coverall suppliers in UAE that the construction company is connected to.

  • Control the crowd


As mentioned, construction sites can get dangerous during the rainy season. To prevent accidents and other work-related injuries, it would be best to limit the access to the site. A crowd control plan should be implemented on all storm signals. For slippery zones, it would be best to advise the workers to take caution when entering the site. The site managers also need to ensure that the public is safe from the site during a storm. Putting visible traffic cones in Dubai can help warn people and vehicles from passing on street lanes that are near the construction site.

  • Secure the equipment


Like the site, construction equipment and gear are also prone to damage and breakdown during a storm. When a storm signal is declared, be sure to secure the all the equipment and put them in a storage place where they will stay clean and dry. For large equipment, consult with the supplier or read the manual to determine how to protect them from moist and rain.


  • Order work stoppage if necessary


If a big storm is coming, it would be best to declare work stoppage to ensure the safety and well-being of the workers. Working during tough and extreme conditions such as a storm can put the workers at risk, even though they are wearing protective gear.


  • Inspect the site before resuming work


Checking the site after a storm would ensure that it is secure and free from danger, especially for the worker. Do not resume work until the site inspection is done. Make sure that all areas are clear and free of debris.

5 Gardening Tips For Clueless Homeowners

Having a garden at home brings a number of benefits for homeowners. For one, it can help improve the quality of air in the space and it can give your property a much-needed visual lift.


But tending a garden is not an easy task, especially if you have no clue about gardening and tending plants. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t own and have a house garden. Here are some easy hacks to help you create a beautiful but easy to maintain garden in your property:


  • Make your property viable for gardening


Plants thrive in certain environments. They need to have all the nourishment they need to survive and it starts with a rich soil. If you are planning to start a house garden, have your soil checked first. Your soil should be able to support plants and flowers in terms of nutrients. If your soil is not viable for gardening, another alternative is to opt for outdoor plants in Dubai that are planted in pots. No need to replace the soil in your property. You can do with pots and elevated gardening instead.


  • Select plants are the easy to maintain


For clueless gardeners who aim to grow plants in their property, you can start with indoor plants in Dubai that are easy to grow, maintain, and take care of. Starting a garden can be an exciting activity, but if you don’t have an idea how to care for seasonal plants and other flowers that need special care, these blooms might not thrive in your garden. Start with plants that are low maintenance and can survive extreme conditions, whether indoor or outdoor.


  • Make a garden tending schedule


Even though you have plants that can survive with minimal attention and maintenance, that doesn’t mean you can just leave them unattended for a long time. Be sure to tend and water your plants and flowers on a regular basis. It would be best if you can learn some basic gardening hacks. Remember that house plants will not tend to themselves.


  • Involve the whole family


One reason why gardening can be so taxing is because you have little help around the house. But you don’t have to do it alone. Include your loved ones and other family members in the activity. Gardening can be a good bonding moment for you and your family. Encourage them to participate in this activity by making it fun and enjoyable for them.